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Learn To Swim

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Croydon Tennis Centre and Fun Fitness offers AUSTswim learn to swim programs for all levels and ages.  We can start children from as young as 4 months through to adult classes, private lessons are available upon request, for those who have never really mastered water confidence. 

Our AUSTswim learn to swim programs, in conjunction with all of our other tennis, fitness, dance & acrobatic programs will open up wonderful opportunities for healthy fun, personal achievement and independence for your family, in a safe, friendly, family oriented environment at Croydon Tennis Centre.

Our AUSTswim learn to swim class terms coincide with the school terms and our tennis terms which are based on a 10 week/$185 per term. All classes are 30 minutes in duration.

Our AUSTswim learn to swim program operates seven (7) days a week and we offer quality structured swimming programmes designed to develop confidence, skill level and water safety for all students.

All instructors are AUSTswim and/or Swim Australia qualified. Croydon Tennis Centre and Fun Fitness are registered with AUSTswim and Swim Australia.  Lessons are conducted in our enclosed heated (to 32 degrees celcius) saltwater indoor pool where we provide a safe, healthy and fun environment to enable our students to improve their skills.

Our learn to swim programs are graded according to skill level through assessment.


Term 1 - 29th January to 15th April 2018 - BOOK NOW or call 9747 4259

Infant Aquatics

Blue Tongue (3-9 mths) - Parent and child are introduced to water familiarisation and water safety.  The parent and child will be guided by a teacher in how to hold their child in the water, submersion techniques, floating, kicking and paddling skills.  Groups of 8.

Water Dragon (9-18 mths) - Parent and child will focus on improving their water familiarisation and water safety skills.  Lessons will focus on the skill development of kicking, paddling, floating and submersions with the aim of being able to move short distances through the water, unaided. Groups of 8.

Tadpole - Young children are introduced to water awareness and familiarisation, this is achieved through water play. Little ones will learn to float, submersion & movement through the water. This is a no parent class. Groups of 4.

Little Turtles - Children are introduced to water safety and primary water skills. Through water play & repetition, little ones will learn floating and submersion. This is a non-parent class. Groups of 4.


Turtles - This class is a transition class between water familiarisation and learn to swim. Turtles will be introduced to basic skills needed for swimming: floating, kicking, and submersion. Groups of 4.



Toddler Aquatics

Penguin:- Children will develop the confidence, independence and mobility to swim short distances. Children are introduced to blowing bubbles, kicking, submersion and water mobility. Groups of 4. 


Jelly Fish - The aim is to develop confidence, mobility and independence in the water. Children are introduced to basic water skills needed for swimming: floating, kicking, blowing bubbles and submerging. Groups of 4.


Octopus - This is a transition level, with the aim being to continue developing the confidence in independent swimming through the introduction of basic freestyle and backstroke skills. Groups of 4.


Starfish - A class designed to develop early freestyle, early backstroke through floating on back, torpedo arms through to the start of big arms. Starfish will learn basic water skills: floating, kicking, submersion and water mobility. Groups of 4.


School Age

Seahorse - Advanced beginners where children learn the fundamentals of full freestyle and full backstroke with a goal of swimming 2 – 4 laps. Groups of 6.


Seals - Children learn the correct technique for freestyle breathing, backstroke, the introduction of early breaststroke kick with torpedo arms and some deep water skills. At this level, Seals will be expected to swim 6 -8 laps of freestyle and backstroke. Groups of 6.


Dolphins - The introduction of dolphin kick technique to early butterfly, with a progression towards swimming 25m of each with good technique.  Aimed at further developing full freestyle with correct technique for bilateral breathing, full backstroke and full breaststroke technique. Groups of 6.

Marlin – The introduction of the full butterfly with sound technique.  There is also further development of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke techniques.  There is 2 streams in this level:  Steam 1 is working towards swimming 50M of each stroke.  Stream 2 is working towards swimming 100M of each stroke, with a heavy technical focus, diving and tumble turns. Groups of 8.

For you, it ensures peace of mind, knowing that they are safe in the water.


  • We welcome swimmers of all levels and ages
  • Lessons are conducted in our indoor heated pool
  • Learn to swim year round at convenient times Mon-Sun
  • The Swim School is Austswim registered and Swim Australia certified
  • The program is Multi-level with small, graded groups
  • Certificates of achievement are awarded to students each term
  • Our computer booking system tracks your child's progress and achievement
  • All staff are AUSTWIM and/or Swim Australia qualified

Adult Classes

Adult Learn to Swim- Classes have been designed for adults with no swimming ability and would like to improve their stroke.

Adult Stroke Development - These classes are for adults who have some swimming ability and would like to improve their technique.

Private & Special Needs - One to one instruction for any age and any ability is available, suiting those people who desire extra attention.



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday  
  1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2  
8:00am                     Penguin Turtles Pvt Tadpole 8:00am
8:30am                     Pvt Tadpole Little Turtle   Penguin 8:30am
9:00am Little Turtle     Tadpole     Tadpole     Tadpole    Tadpole    Little Turtle   Turtles Turtles   Little Turtle 9:00am
9:30am Turtles     Little Turtle      Pvt   Little Turtle     Penguin   Blue Tongue Little Turtle Water Dragon Turtles 9:30am
10:00am Jellyfish   Turtles     Turtles     Water Dragon * Octopus   Jellyfish   Starfish   Seahorse   Turtles 10:00am
10:30am Octopus   Starfish     Penguin   Turtles     Turtles    Pvt Turtles   Seals   Little Turtles 10:30am
11:00am Penguin       Little Turtle   Jellyfish    Jellyfish    Tadpole Jellyfish   Starfish    11:00am
11:30am               Pvt   Little Turtle    Octopus Turtles Jellyfish Tadpole 11:30am
12:00pm                     Seahorse   Little Turtle Seahorse   12.00 Adults (45min) 12:00pm
12:30pm                     Turtles  Seahorse Pvt 12:30pm
1:00pm                     Seals   Starfish   1.00 Adults (45min) 12.45 Adults (45min) 1:00pm
1:30pm                     Pvt Pvt   1:30pm
2:00pm                     Little Turtle       2:00pm
2:30pm                     Turtles         2:30pm
3:00pm                 Pvt   1.30 Adults (45min)       3:00pm
3:30pm Pvt Pvt      Octopus Seahorse     Penguin Starfish           3:30pm
4:00pm Starfish   Turtles Seahorse     Turtles   Starfish   Penguin   Turtles   Starfish Jellyfish           4:00pm
4:30pm Seahorse   Octopus Starfish   Jellyfish Seahorse   Jellyfish   Seahorse   Jellyfish   Dolphin             4:30pm
5:00pm Seals   Jellyfish Seahorse     Starfish Dolphin   Turtles   Seals   Octopus Seals             5:00pm
5:30pm Seahorse   Seahorse Little Turtle Seals Pvt  Pvt Penguin Dolphin   Pv t           5:30pm
6:00pm Marlin     Pv Group (4)   Pvt     Pvt            6:00pm
6:30pm           Pvt           6:30pm
7:00pm 7pm Adults (45mins)   7pm Adults (45mins)      7pm Adults (45mins)  7pm Adults (45mins)               7:00pm
7:30pm     7.45 Adults (45mins)                       7:30pm


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