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Useful Information

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI calculator in Kg and cm

Insert Your Weight in Kg :
Insert Your Height in cm :
Your Body Mass Index is :
According to a popular BMI evaluation method you are:

BMI Calculator for Lb and Ft&In

Insert your Weight in Lbs :
Insert your Height: Ft In
Your Body Mass Index is:
According to a popular BMI evaluation method you are:

Body mass index is used to determine whether a person is at their ideal body weight. It describes body weight relative to a person’s height. While it does not actually measure a person’s percentage of body fat, it is a useful tool to estimate a healthy body weight based on how tall a person is.

As it is a quick and easy measurement to obtain, it is widely used to identify obesity problems. To calculate your BMI simply divide your weight by the square of your height.

For example if you are 162cm tall and weigh 70 kg, your BMI would be 27 which would classify you as ‘overweight’. To calculate and interpret your BMI, use our handy calculator and table below.



< 18.5


18.5 - 24.9

Normal weight

25 - 29.9


> 30


HRM Training Zone Calculator


Monitoring your heart rate while training, can be a great way of enhancing the effectiveness, safety and intensity of your training workout.

It is not a tool that should be used to compare the heart rate of a training partner with yourself or to see how high you can get your heart rate before passing out!

It‘s use is in letting you know how your system is responding to your training session. We can help you to determine your heart rate training zone in terms of your fitness level, anerobic threshold and personal goals.

This heart rate training zone calculator can give you an idea of training zones in relation to fitness objectives. We can develop a fitness program to your exact needs by evaluating your BMI, current fitness levels and goals and then tailoring a plan to suit you…please call us on 1300 738 488 to talk to us about this.

Enter your age and Resting Heart Rate

Age   years
Resting Heart Rate (RHR)   bpm
Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)  
Working Heart Rate (WHR)  

Training Zones   Heart Rate   Objectives
  Fat burning and re-energise glycogen stores
  Develop oxygen transportation systems
  Improve lactic acid threshold
  Lactic threshold