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Experience the benefits of Yoga

This is the perfect opportunity to protect your body through Yoga........

Suitable for beginners, classes are tailored for individual group needs. If there are any personal goals that participants would like to achieve, classes can be structured accordingly.

Suitable yoga movements combined with a little cardio to ensure results!

Our Yoga Program will be run by Paula Kimberley.

Term 3 Dates are:

Wed 25th July - 26th September 2018 and

Fri 27th July - 28th September 2018

Book Casually for just $20 per session.

ENROL NOW to secure your place. Class numbers are limited to eight (8) -

$175 for 10 weeks.

Kids Camp


Welcome to Fun Fitness, the outdoor fitness group that has a point of difference in the way we do things. Our main aim is to make training fun, exciting and relevant to all, creating a lifestyle of wellness.

We offer Personal TrainingBootcampBoxerciseGroup Circuit Training, Running Club, Yoga and MeditationToddler's and Pre-schooler's FITNESS FUN Exercise Classes, Kids and Adult Learn to Swim Programs, including private lessons, Holiday Intensive Swimming Programs, Kids Holiday Activities and School Holiday Programs with vacation before and aftercare.

At Fun Fitness, we aim to provide you with the flexibility of choosing when you wish to attend a training session and you only pay for the classes you attend.  There are no hidden fees, contracts or membership fees

Our online booking system enables each individual the option to book and pay online when you choose.

We trust you will enjoy the experience here…. Love to meet up with you to discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve!!!

As we say; Live Fit…Live Well.

Any questions? Contact Us.

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