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Toddler's & Pre-Schooler's

It is MOVEMENT that WIRES UP the brain......

The development of the brain is dependant on the quality of physical activity and movement in the first few months and years of life.


  • To accomplish the basic task of 'wiring up' the brain and the body, five movement patterns should be learnt by children so they develop an understanding of opening and closing / top and bottom / front and back / left and right / both sides of the body working independently.

  • There is substantial evidence that if a typically developing pre-school child performs all of these patterns they will be ready for formal learning and all that a school offers.

A child's poor or delayed physical development is a significant barrier to learning and appropriate behaviour and physical development starts from birth.

Children do not "just develop" fundamental motor skills with age, as believed by many, they need instruction, practice and encouragement to develop basic skills.

FITNESS FUN exercise classes can provide children with the activity, instruction and encouragement required to develop to their full potential.

We have developed two levels of children's programs, Toddler's and Pre-Schooler's.  These programs incorporate different competencies delivered specifically for this purpose through hands-on experience.

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Toddlers Class


Age:                        18 months to 36 months Age:                      3 to 5 years
Duration:                35 minutes Class duration:    1 Hour
Competencies:        Competencies:
                                Spacial awareness                               Spacial Awareness
                                Self awareness                                        Self Awareness
                                Balance and coordination                               Balance & Coordination
                                Learning, Listening & Copying                               Improved endurance

                              Learning about the Importance of

                              healthy food, exercise & hygiene

                                Learning to work in a team
                                Relaxation at the end of class

Classes are themed and age-appropriate with music, props, and motor enhancing equipment for each child in the class.

CLICK HERE to discover the benefits of this fantastic program and secure your child's place NOW for Term 4, 2017

Classes are energetic, educational and loads of fun..! 

All Classes are taught by a Certified Youth Fitness Professional.